If you read to the end, you will have unlocked the key to a potential six figure weekly income.

My Journey from a ₦36,000 monthly salary to ₦450,000 Weekly following few practical steps.

The story I’m about to tell you isn’t fictional. I didn’t sit on my bed one lonely night and imagine it. Neither did I hire a clever ink slinger, a master of flowery words to craft it appealingly. Because… It’s my story. My experiences. My truth.

I tell this story to everyone who cares to listen!

The career banker I meet at the barbershop on weekends, the single mother who sells provisions at the stall beside my gate.

And I’ll tell it to you.

Because that’s why you landed here in the first place.

You want to hear from someone who grew his average monthly income to 50 times what he used to earn just under a year ago.

And he did just 30 days after discovering a life-changing business model.

If replicating his results sounds like something you’d be interested in, then listen to his story.


My name is Chinonso Udemba, a handsome young Nigerian Male.

Less than 1 year ago, that was all I could boast of – Good looks!

My Account balance was always terrifying except for the end of the month when my #36,000 monthly salary would drop.

It was last just a few hours before it was evenly distributed amongst food, transportation, rent and siblings.


In less than 3 hours after each monthly alert entered, it was back to the status quo.

In case you think my story is an isolated case, look at this:




It simply means that despite my meagre, less-than-sufficient salary, I was doing better financially than 27+ million Nigerians.

It wasn’t my fault.

I wasn’t uneducated.

I wasn’t Lazy.

I was of moderate habits..

as saintly as a pope.

I was just among the many victims of the nation’s bleeding economic structure.

Even if you currently have a job and earn a monthly salary, this might be true about you 👇👇👇👇

and that’s just food…

Now, let’s assume you’ve got a 9-5 and actually earn above the minimum wage.

How much do you have left at the end of each month?

You know it’s nearly impossible to save a dime from what you earn simply because your expenses exceed your income.

Just that!

That’s where I was…stuck in that quagmire.

No… It was worse.

I wasn’t just unable to save anything (because there was nothing left), I was also deep in the purgatory of debt.

For a long time, I owed Access Bank #200k.

You know how it is when you owe a bank, or any person/ institution for that matter.

Your heart skips a beat whenever your phone rings…

Because it be these folks calling with a truckload of threats.

Fact: #36k monthly income , #200k deep in debt.

Life doesn’t get worse than that.

You’re probably thinking..

“Chinonso or whatever your name is, I know these already. Just tell me what you did to 50x your income!”

I’ll save your time….and my energy.

I discovered a business model called AFFILIATE MARKETING, which basically is recommending products to other persons and earning a commission when they make a purchase.

I signed up as an affiliate on EXPERTNAIRE, an online platform that hosts various high value digital products.

Here’s What I earned from just one week of working from my couch with just my boxers on👇👇👇👇👇

That’s a whopping #455,000 made in one week (add small moni, pesin don buy motor. Lol)

Remember that I used to earn 36k monthly (9k weekly).

Do the maths. It’s over 50X.

Crazy, right?

So, how did I go from a guy living from one paycheck to another to banking almost half a million for a week of soft work?

Well, it’s all thanks to my secret Income Triangulation Blueprint.

I recorded a short, zero-fluff video where I described the exact system and how I have used it to achieve rockstar status in less than six months…

Before now, this system was available EXCLUSIVELY to my mentees…

However, for a limited time only, I am opening the doors and giving the public access to the system.

Want in?

Now, let’s be realistic.

The result above wasn’t instant.

If you’re thinking you’d just sign up to become an affiliate marketer and hit 450k in your first week, you might need to sprinkle water on your face right now.

Or join alice in the wonderland.

It’s not impossible. But it requires exceptional effort.

Here’s what my path to this level looked like.

I started affiliate marketing in the month of August. Spent 1 whole month studying the dynamics of the business and learning the ropes.

Then the money started coming in…

In trickles at first.

1st week of September, I made 90k in commissions.

The screenshots below tell the rest of the story.

So, you see, it was a gradual but steady ascent to where I am today.

From being #200,000 deep in debt, working a #36,000 job to amassing over 5 million Naira in commissions in 5 months of applying myself to affiliate marketing – November, December, January, February, March

Again, I offer you the opportunity to watch me up close and personal as I reveal my methods for achieving these crazy figures consistently.


Bruce Lee, the late American actor, famously said, “I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times”.

The results I just shared with you aren’t a flash in the plan. I’m not a fluke.

I have spent countless hours working on making my business a success. In the process, I’ve made my mistakes. I still do.

But I’ve learned….and mastered this entire process.

Chances are that if you woke me up by 02:00 am on a Sunday morning and asked me any question about affiliate marketing, I’d supply you with accurate, practical answers that would yield amazing results.

Look, what if I told you that I’ve successfully mentored over 1,500 other Nigerians to start and successfully manage their affiliate marketing business?

Would that count for anything?

These are real people with real stories and real results.

Most of them were like me – deep in debt, with meagre income, hopeless!

Amaka, for example made #192,500 within 2 weeks of starting affiliate and getting my mentorship

Lisa Roberts, another mentee of mine, implemented my methods and made N252,000 in a week!


And check out this massive energy circulating in my mentorship community on Telegram

Now, let me reward your scrolling to this point by giving away a massive secret that will determine the speed of your success in affiliate marketing.

It’s the fastest route to achieving awesome results…

and also the reason why many folks who’ve already become affiliate marketers are broke and screaming, ” AFFILIATE MARKETING IS A SCAM”.

You need two things to succeed.

💥Quality Training

💥Effective Mentorship.


You can always get the first once you sign up. It’s guaranteed. But most people who introduce you to Affiliate marketing would just dump you as soon as they receive your sign up commission. So Mentorship is almost non-existent.

You’re left alone.

All by yourself.

You’ll struggle.

That’s why I’m different.

Bonadominic, for example, came to me with zero Expertnaire sales. He had originally registered under another “coach” who either just couldn’t make out the time to help or didn’t give two whoops in hades whether he failed or succeeded.

In less than 30 days after signing up for my mentorship, he had done almost 300k.

Same person. Same Expertnaire account. The only thing that changed was that I entered the equation. Boom.

If you think that’s impressive, then look at Rodiyah.

She was one of the many affiliate marketers with unenviable results. She had completed the training but without the active participation of a mentor.

Until she met me and paid for my mentorship. Well, the rest they say, is history. She went on to crush 6 figures in less than 30 days.

Hear what she’s got to say.

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The uniqueness of my mentorship is what guarantees that you’ll get great results when you sign up under me. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a techie or not, student or farmer, civil servant or entrepreneur – If you follow my methods, YOU WILL SUCCEED WITH AFFILIATE MARKETING. The following videos are a cross-section of some of my mentees. They’ve come from all walks of life but have gotten strikingly identical results. Pay attention to their different stories…
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Your story could be the next on this page in less than 30 days. But as with everything else in life, you have to banish the demons and take that all-important first step. In this case, the first step is to….

I know from proven stats and personal experience that 92% of everyone who visits this page will do nothing except scroll to the end and log out.

This isn’t for them.

This is for you… You who didn’t just make new year resolutions because everyone else was..

But because deep down, you want to reach your financial goals.

You don’t want to wake up on January 1 next year saying the exact same things you said this year.

If anything, your resolutions should be higher, things your mind can’t comprehend now.

So here’s what I’m offering you:

💥A chance to start your own affiliate marketing business and change your money game forever.

💥Free Access to my premium mentorship which guarantees you mind-blowing results in 30 days if you follow through.

💥Access to a community of high flying affiliates with whom you can freely interact.


The free video that starts you out on this part expires in:

Before you exit this page?

I want to reward you for reading up to this point because many others didn’t have the patience to. Click here to claim it. See you on the other side! Ciao!

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